As a single mother life can go from 0 to 60 in a matter of seconds If it’s not juggling our careers, dreams, aspirations alongside those of the responsibilities of our households, health/fitness, love lives (yea right.if it even exists) in addition to the needs of our children’s physical and mental health and spirituality, then another factor is being thrown in there constantly throwing us off balance.
It can be hard to stay grounded. You can lose control and in comes stress and anxiety. These two silent killers can wreak havoc on our lives and the lives of those around us. Our children pick up on our anxiety. Anxiety and stress rob those around us of the best person we can be to serve them. God did not put us on his Earth to be stressed, worried and overwhelmed. You can live for decades in this state but ask yourself “Am I truly living or am I just existing?” I don’t want to teach my daughter to just exist. I want her to grab life by the horns. I want her to thrive. Also when we live our lives in a state of distress and depression we are in no position to make our children secure so they can go into this cruel world armed. This world is going to show our children so many images, some of them will be on the surface whereas others may be subliminal, that show them that they are not enough. Everything they need to be successful they already have in them. Psalm 138. God says so. However, how can we be our children’s last line of defense when we are weak mentally and spiritually.

Below are some websites I’ve began to go to for additional information on
*Kundalini Yoga
*Daily Affirmation
*Vision Boards

Dr. Stanley-


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