Fishing In Central Park (I didn’t believe it as well) lol.

Published July 1, 2013 by ojaje78

Today was surely an adventure for Hope n I. As a child my mother would take my siblings and I to Central Park. I, too, have carried on the tradition. There are still the more classic landmarks like the boat house, carousel, and roller skating in the park however, I would have never dreamed of going birding, hiking, and my now favorite catch and release fishing. Lets face it, when you take a look at the Harlem Meer the first thought that came to mind was not lake but more like a fresh water bog. But hey…I didn’t plan on eating whatever we caught so let the fishing begin.
I purchased a fishing pole that came with its own tackle box complete with hooks and artificial bait from Sports Authority. The entire shebang was only $29.99 This was a great idea due to the fact the poles received from Central Park Conservatory only allocate one pole per family and restrict your time for fishing from 10am-3pm. I totally get the whole early bird catches the worm but it was the weekend and it took me forever to find the location so we got there at 1:30. At this time they ran out of slots to receive poles so I recommend you get there early if you do not have your own equipment. After being a smidge disappointed because we would not be able to fish side by side we decided to get started.
Now just to explain, I have never lined a pole, or put live bait on a hook because duh I am just a chick from Bk (where they do dat at). That didn’t stop us. New York fishing veterans were happy to help us get started. They only no asked us to pay it forward the next time we came to the park and saw a person in need of assistance. I think that’s only fair :)) We figured it out and we actually went fishing. It was such a beautiful experience. There’s nothing like casting out your line and just hoping for the possibilities. To be hopeful that a fish will take your bait and to know that you could outsmart those little buggers was priceless. However, these were city fish and they didn’t fall for the okey doke as easily. I had to respect the hustle of the uptown Harlem fish. Lol. Hope caught a fish. She learned how to cast out a line and best of all how to torture the turtles with her floater as they took bites and realized it was not food. This will definitely be a new past time.


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